MYBED Interactive slatted base

Every body is different. You can have broad shoulders and narrow hips or vice versa. Whatever your physique, an interactive slatted base adjusts itself automatically. The slats respond to body pressure and thus provide optimal comfort. The interactive slatted base moves unnoticed with every movement and supports your body perfectly in any sleeping position.

The slats provide extra support where necessary and make way for the contours of the body. The pressure in the hip and shoulder area is compensated by counter pressure in the back cavity, the leg area and the neck and head area. This system of pressure and counter pressure automatically puts you in a position that correctly positions the spine horizontally. And this is the ideal position for sleeping.

Interactive slatted base in your MYBED

The interactive slatted base can be incorporated into a MYBED in three ways.

Interactive bed base

The interactive slatted base is placed in an upholstered bed frame.

Interactive box

The interactive slatted base is built into a box and then has the same appearance as a box spring.

Interactive inset box

The interactive slatted base is processed in an inset box that is placed in an upholstered bed frame.

MYBED, the perfect match between mattress and bed base

The strength of the Mybed sleeping system lies in the perfect coordination between the mattress and the bed base. The Mybed mattress is based on your body shape and the Mybed bed bases enhance the functioning of the mattresses through the interactive self-regulating support system

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