MYBED Box spring with RECOIL® pocket spring

The MYBED box springs are equipped with special, patented RECOIL® pocket springs, which Recor Bedding developed itself.

What is so special about this spring? Well, first and foremost the shape. The Recoil® spring is wider in the middle and narrower at the ends. In addition, a Recoil® spring 25% contains more steel and has more windings than a classic spring. This ensures better performance (powerful and proportional resilience) and durability. Pocket springs also guarantee continuous ventilation of your mattress.

The RECOIL® pocket spring provides optimal support in every sleeping position and helps you move in bed.

recoil spring 2
Powerful support

Due to its unique shape and strength, the RECOIL® spring provides optimal support in every sleeping position and during movement


The RECOIL spring contains 25% more steel and more windings, so that it retains its resilience in the long term and prevents pitting.


Each pocket spring is packed in a noiseless bag that is permeable to air and moisture and thus ensures a dry, odor-free and healthy sleeping environment.

MYBED, the perfect match between mattress and bed base

The strength of the MYBED sleeping system lies in the perfect coordination between the mattress and the bed base. The MYBED mattress is based on your body shape and the MYBED RECOIL® box springs enhance the effect of the mattresses. 

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