MYBED vertebral scan: measuring is knowing

Choosing the right mattress is not easy. You can try the mattress in the store, but based on that short test it is difficult to find the right mattress. Moreover, we all too often rely on 'our feeling' or a wrong perception of what a mattress should feel like.

So measuring is the message! MYBED uses the Vertebrae Scanner, a simple but sophisticated tool to map your vertebra. Simple because our sleep specialists only have to 'roll' over the contours of your spine with this device, sophisticated because the Vertebrae Scanner performs several hundred measurements over the entire spine. The Vertebral Scanner was designed by a doctor from Switzerland and was originally only used to measure the mobility of the spine of injured athletes. Now it is also used to guarantee you the ultimate sleeping comfort.

Book your no-obligation vertebral scan for free

The right bed is invaluable to your health and well-being. Book a no-obligation MYBED Scan for free at one of our retail partners. They map your spine with a professional orthopedic scanner and create the perfect sleeping solution according to your body shape with the MYBED system from Recor Bedding.

How does a scan work?

Step 1: Scan standing up

First of all, we ask you to adopt a relaxed upright position. In this way we can visualize your spine in a standing position and immediately detect any problems.

Step 2: Scan lying down

We scan your spine while you lie in a side position on various MYBED mattresses. In this measurement we check whether you have a straight spine in this position. In this way, adjustments can be made in the choice of your mattress and bed base.

MYBED sleeping system

The strength of the Mybed sleeping system lies in the perfect coordination between the advanced mattress and the bed base (interactive slatted base or box spring) 

MYBED mattresses

MYBED mattresses fit seamlessly to the shape of your body, so that you get optimal comfort and the best possible support. For a good and healthy sleep it is important that your spine adopts its natural position.

MYBED Interactive bed bases

An interactive bed base. This unique spring system of pressure and counter pressure always ensures the correct sleeping position. The self-regulating bed base moves unnoticed with every movement and supports your body perfectly in any sleeping position.


A box spring has a different structure than a bed with a slatted base. The mattress support is filled with metal coil springs. The RECOIL® pocket spring from Recor Bedding provides optimal support in every sleeping position and helps you while moving in your sleep

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